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Our Practice

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Your Happiness is A Priority

Here at Your Bliss Skin & Body Care, I am committed to working with you and your body. As a skin treatment esthetician, I will work side by side with you to teach you how to best care for yourself and put your best face forward. 

We care about everyone's overall health, which is why we use skincare products that are oncology safe. Using natural and botanical products helps ensure that your body will be receptive to the skincare services that you are receiving while keeping your skin and body gunk free. Getting you to the state in which you would like to be takes time, care, and attention. I guarantee that I will do everything within my power to achieve the results that you desire. 

I care about saving your skin, saving you time, and saving you money by offering you high quality and decadent services at competitive rates. Visit us so that you can find Your Bliss.

Why Bliss?

Bliss means perfect happiness or great joy, and this is exactly what I like to feel when I am getting any sort of skin care treatment. My goal is to provide the same quality care that I enjoy myself. I don’t just like to feel good, I also like to know what’s happening, so I make sure to educate you during and after any service that you receive.

When you think of us, we want you to think of your happy place; a place you go to unwind and feel amazing

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About Giseleine

I have researched, interviewed, and mulled through the best schools, trainings and companies in order to bring you the highest quality services. All of my trainings have been focused on learning for your skin care needs so that you receive only the best products and treatment plan for you. You can rest assured that you are in the best of hands when it comes to getting what you desire for yourself because of my many hands-on hours through internships with the most reputable estheticians in the region. 

My education includes:

  • School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics

  • Oncology Skincare Training

  • Xtreme Lashes

  • Neurotris

  • Alexandria Body Sugaring

  • Body Sugaring Australia

  • Eminence Organic Skincare

  • Nelly DeVuyst Skincare

  • Sundara Yoga Therapy

  • Elleebana Lash Lift

  • Healing Touch Energy Healing

My life is all about helping people feel their best by helping them look their best. I also work to make people's lives as simple as possible while also helping them accomplish their skin and body goals. 

It is my mission to continue to educate myself on the latest & safest products, technology, and methods so that I can best support you through your self care journey.